b. 1995 in Tehran, Iran. Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the International University Of Imam Khomeini in Qazvin, Iran. As he started to learn about photography, he got more and more    interested in this branch of art. At the moment he held a camera in his hands , He thought it might be    magical ! It was communicating with him in a simple , clear , quick procedure. Main Member at National Iranian photographers' society (NIPS) since 2016.

Teacher Assistant at Miremad  University of Qazvin "Basic Photography Courses"  2015 - 2016

2017- Direct Photo  Curated by Pegah Behroozfar - Markof Cafe Gallery - Tehran, Iran
2017- Head On Photo Festival - Mobile category - Museum of Sydney
2017- Photo Auction - Gallery NO.6 - Tehran, Iran
2017-14th Image Of The Year- Iranian Artists Forum - Tehran, Iran
2016- #1415Iran 1415 Mobile Photographers - Torre Civica Viscontea - Lecco, Italy
2016-13th Image Of The Year- Iranian Artists Forum - Tehran, Iran
2016- Mira Mobile Prize - Espaco Mira art gallery - Porto , Portugal
2015- Very close encounter -Tamasha Art Gallery - Qazvin,Iran.

2017-"Finalist"- Head on Photo festival - Mobile Category - Sydney
2016-"Finalist"- Mira Mobile Prize- Portugal
2016-"Selected"- 3th  National Photo Festival of Khaney e Doost – Mashad,Iran
2015-"Selected"- Golestaneh International festival -Iran
2014- "Finalist"- Afdesta International Online Festival 'Dream of kid' - Iran

2017- Amateur Photographer Magazine- 28 January Issue  - Page 36-40
2016- Creative Image Magazine - November/December Issue - Page 44-47
2016- Life On Instagram Book 2017 Version - 3 of my Photographs published